A brand new Hitman 3 mission briefing video explains how Freelancer mode works

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The long-awaited Freelancer mode for Hitman 3 goes reside later this month, tasking the world’s blandest skilled killer with taking down nefarious organisations one goal at a time. To put together for Freelancer’s launch on January twenty sixth, devs IO Interactive have shared a brand new trailer that’s primarily simply the mission briefing your Agent 47 will see when he begins his bloodthirsty roguelike quest. You can watch the mission briefing under, when you’re feeling suitably assassinatey.

Ian Hitman will get his roguelike on in Hitman 3’s Freelancer mode this month.

It’s been in the future shy of a yr since IO Interactive revealed Freelancer mode can be coming to Hitman 3 among the many game’s Year 2 updates. The mode is supposed to develop participant freedom by letting you strategise the way you’ll tackle evil syndicates, quite than having that taken care of by your handler. Freelancer chucks randomisation and chronic development into the game like a homing briefcase, tasking murder-lad Ian Hitman with bumping off targets to work up the ranks of dodgy international organisations till he finally will get to their huge boss. You can learn extra about how Freelancer differs from the primary game here.

IOI is folding all of the missions from the 2 earlier games into Hitman 3 on PC from January twenty sixth too, as Graham identified only a few days into the brand new yr. This is partly to accommodate the approaching arrival of Freelancer mode, which IOI defined when the World Of Assassination modifications have been introduced. It additionally implies that when you personal Hitman 3 then you definately’ll get all of the mission gubbins from the Hitman 1 and a couple of base games at no cost. Nice.

Hitman 3 is on Steam and the Epic Games Store for £50/$60/€60. It’s additionally a part of Microsoft’s PC Game Pass subscription service, together with Hitman 1 and a couple of, as a part of the World Of Assassination Trilogy. Freelancer mode lands on January twenty sixth.

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