Distract guards by flushing bogs on this free little Thief homage

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Cute, free little thief homage Li’l Taffer begins you off in entrance of a door to a giant manor, together with 5 cases of a capability referred to as ‘knock’. Reader, I’m telling you this in order that you do not waste all of them pointlessly knocking on the door like I did, as you might be actually supposed to make use of them to knock out guards.

It’s a procedurally generated game made for 7dfps 2022, a game jam that challenges of us to make an fps game in seven days. Your manor will probably be completely different to mine, however the bogs will in all probability nonetheless be foolish.

You’ve acquired to interrupt into the manor, steal a crown and 200 gold’s value of cash, then get out of dodge. It’s made utilizing procgen, so the rooms match collectively in odd but endearing methods. There are a lot of bogs in conspicuous places, that are helpful as a result of you may flush them to attract guards over.

That mentioned, there are two methods to play this. You may lean into it, which entails actually leaning round corners, sneaking round tremendous cautious like, extinguishing torches and paying shut consideration to how your footsteps make extra noise on cobblestones than carpet. You may additionally simply dash about knocking guards out willy nilly like I did, as a result of they are not very harmful and the crystals that restore your knock-out means are plentiful.

I respect anybody who commits to role-playing and pretending you do really have to sneak. That’s in all probability a a lot better approach of rekindling heat Thief recollections from again within the golden days, earlier than even 27 year-old information writers may out themselves as nonetheless too younger to share your nostalgia.

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Someone requested creator David Lindsey on Twitter if there was something on this he is particularly pleased with, and he mentioned the hands. They are good palms.

Look out for extra from the 7dfps. Game jams are nice at throwing up neat l’il issues like this.

You can nab Li’l Taffer without cost from Itch.io.

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