Everything about 7 Days to Die says “Don’t play me!” however I adore it

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Supposedly, Micha is not afraid of something in any respect. Not spiders, snakes, ghosts, horror clowns, and never even infinite Early Access. That’s why even the zombie game 7 Days to Die cannot shock him.

In this 15-minute podcast, we speak each week about our private favourite games, which we presently cannot get sufficient of and which we undoubtedly wish to advocate to you..

Actually, the survival game with its extremely powerful improvement course of and its steep value in infinite Early Access feels like a game everybody ought to hold their arms off. Because additionally it is something however an ideal AAA masterpiece.

But it’s a terrific survival expertise, which Micha enjoys in co-op along with his girlfriend – or truly not likely. What precisely is behind it and what prophetic zombie apocalypse goals Géraldine shares within the podcast – that is what you will hear within the new episode “What do you play?”.

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