Everything we find out about Hades 2

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Want to know extra about Hades 2, the upcoming roguelite sequel by Supergiant Games? The announcement of Hades 2 at The Game Awards 2022 was a shock to many, not least as a result of it marks the very first sequel that Supergiant have ever made. It speaks to the unbelievable recognition of the unique Hades, the place gamers are handled to a beautiful isometric rendition of the Underworld of Greek mythology, and all the luxurious characters, tales, and battles that lay inside.

While it is nonetheless early days, we even have a good bit of very fascinating info on how Hades 2 will diverge from the trail of its predecessor. So let’s dive proper into every part we all know thus far about Hades 2, from anticipated launch dates to story particulars and characters.

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Melinoë, the protagonist of Hades 2. A woman with short blonde hair and extremely pale skin, mismatched eyes, and one arm that glows an ethereal green, she's wearing a short orange tunic dress and other bits of vaguely Greek-looking decorations and adornments. In the background float mystical symbols, and glowing weapons hover near to her hands, which are outstretched.

Hades 2 anticipated launch date

So far, there is not any agency launch date for Hades 2. It’s a far cry from the best way wherein the unique Hades was introduced and launched in Early Access on the identical day again in December 2018 at The Game Awards.

We do know, nevertheless, that Hades 2 will enter an identical interval of Early Access. More information relating to the Early Access interval has been promised later this 12 months – though it is from assured that we’ll truly have the ability to play the game this 12 months.

Hades 2 platforms

When Hades 2 does launch, it’s going to be out there each on PC and console platforms, with extra particular particulars arriving nearer to the discharge date. For reference, the unique Hades is now out there on PC, Steam Deck, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

During Early Access, the game will probably be out there on each Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Hades 2 trailer

The above Hades 2 trailer, a joint collaboration between Supergiant and animation outfit Studio Grackle, provides us a juicy glimpse on the sequel to Supergiant’s hottest and profitable game thus far. The first half is solely cinematic, showcasing a dramatic sparring session between protagonist Melinoë and her mentor, Hecate.

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The second a part of the trailer reveals off some flashy in-game fight in some very intriguing new biomes, and conversations with plenty of hitherto unseen characters from Olympus and Hades’ Underworld. Scroll down a bit to study extra about them!

Hades 2 story: What’s completely different this time spherical?

The huge change between Hades 1 and Hades 2 is that this time spherical you will not be taking part in as Prince Zagreus, snarky spawn of the God of the Underworld. Instead you will play as Princess Melinoë, Zagreus’s sister, and embarking on a completely completely different quest.

Sometime after the occasions of the primary game, Chronos – the Titan of Time and father of most of the Olympians, together with Hades himself – escaped from his jail deep throughout the Underworld. Chronos controls time itself, and represents sufficient of a risk that each one of Olympus is providing their help to Princess Melinoë and Hecate of their quest to cease Chronos from wreaking havoc upon Olympus.

Which Hades 2 characters will you encounter?

Moros, Doom Incarnate, speaks to Princess Melinoë in Hades 2.
Moros is simply one of many new Godlike characters you will encounter in Hades 2.

Melinoë is the protagonist of Hades 2. She’s the daughter of Hades and sister to Prince Zagreus, and in accordance with Supergiant’s FAQ, she’s an immortal witch and sorceress with highly effective magical skills that make her ideally suited to defeat the servants of Chronos and the denizens of the Underworld.

Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft and the crossroads, and Melinoë’s mentor. She’s the one seen duelling with Melinoë firstly of the above trailer. Her mission is to defeat Chronos, though thus far we do not know why.

Chronos seems to be the primary villain of Hades 2. The immortal Titan of Time, he’s the daddy of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, and others. Long in the past he and the opposite Titans have been defeated and trapped deep within the Underworld by the Olympians, however between the occasions of Hades 1 and Hades 2 Chronos managed to flee in some way, and the Olympians are doubtless – understandably – just a little freaked.

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Moros is the God of Doom in accordance with the above trailer. Unlike the Olympians in Hades 1 who provide their boons from afar, within the trailer Moros is proven to be speaking to Melinoë in particular person, like Thanatos from the unique game. Incidentally, in Greek mythology, Moros is the kid of Nyx, which might make him Thanatos’s brother.

Apollo is the God of Light, and one of many Olympians alongside the likes of Zeus, Athena, and the remaining. We see him within the trailer providing Melinoë a selection of Boons to just accept. Apollo wasn’t current within the first game, so his presence maybe signifies that there are extra Gods prepared to assist out Melinoë in her battle towards Chronos than have been fascinated by serving to Zagreus escape his father’s realm in Hades 1.

Nemesis is the Goddess of Retribution, and, very similar to Moros, she seems in particular person to Melinoë throughout your Hades 2 runs. It’s as but unclear whether or not she is an ally or an enemy, though from what she says to Melinoë within the trailer (“About prepared to offer in?”), it might be that she is a boss-like adversary akin to Megaera or Theseus from the unique game.

Dora is an Underworld shade who’s seen talking to Melinoë through the trailer. She first seems in menacing kind with the road “You trifle with powers far past your comprehension, witch” earlier than reverting to her extra regular cute kind, including “…OK if I name you witch like that?”. It’s not clear but what position she performs, however judging from the trailer it appears doubtless she’ll be one of many characters that hangs across the participant’s hub or base of operations, very similar to Achilles within the first game.

Hades 2 gameplay modifications

A combat scene from Hades 2 shows Melinoë battling several undead enemies as more approach, against a vivid purple background of dead trees, spectral onlookers, and an ominously oozing green river.

Hades seems to be to broaden upon the unique game principally when it comes to the fight. According to the FAQ, the game will characteristic “new places, challenges, improve methods, and surprises”. We can see an terrible lot of recent enemy varieties within the trailer, alongside a bunch of assaults and powers by no means seen earlier than in Hades 1.

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Whether these assaults stem from new weapons or are merely new innate powers wielded by Melinoë (like “Cast” from the primary game), we do not but know. But from a snippet of Boon choices within the trailer (pictured beneath), we will see reference to a brand new useful resource known as “Magick”. So it could be that Melinoë has entry to a pool of Magick which is expended to be able to solid highly effective spells.

But the core loop seems to be like it is going to be very acquainted to followers of the unique game. You’ll battle your method via interconnected rooms of the Underworld, conversing with characters and accepting highly effective boons from the Olympians. It’ll be a grand outdated time preventing Granddad Time.

Three choices of Boons offered to Princess Melinoë in Hades 2 by Apollo, the God of Light.

Will Hades 2 be multiplayer?

Hades 2 is not going to be multiplayer, Supergiant have confirmed. Just as with Hades 1, the main focus is solely on singleplayer, and whereas they have been cautious by no means to say by no means, I would not guess on us seeing a multiplayer element to Hades 2 both for its Early Access launch or its full launch. Fighting Chronos is a lonely process generally. But a minimum of the Olympians and your mentor Hecate are there to supply help.

That’s every part now we have on Supergiant’s upcoming sequel to their wildly profitable and trendy story-driven roguelite. If you are trying to give the unique Hades a whirl when you await extra information, take a look at our Hades suggestions and methods information, or our detailed walkthrough on the completely different Hades romance choices.

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