GTA Online’s Christmas treats embody being mugged by The Gooch

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Hear that? Christmas bells are ringing, carolers are caroling, and GTA Online gamers are being pounced on by an atrociously-named Grinch parody. He’s one in every of a number of Christmas treats now stocked on the streets of Los Santos, which additionally pack snowmen to destroy, rooftop shootouts and, for some purpose, superpowered beasts getting chased by serial killers.

Alice O counts GTA Online’s seasonal occasions amongst her favourites, and Christmas does look like a pleasant time of yr to drop in. Everywhere is roofed in snow and festooned with decorations, together with varied alternatives to earn further money.

The Gooch has an opportunity to pop up and assault you whilst you’re wandering the streets, and fending him off will earn you some dosh, plus a masks to put on. There are snowmen you may seek out by honing in on sleighbell sounds, which you’ll be able to homicide all 25 of to earn $125,000 and a Snowman Outfit. There’s additionally a Die Hard-inspired shootout on the Weazel Plaza rooftop, which you’ll be able to wade into to earn a brand new pistol, a christmas pores and skin for a special pistol, and $25,000.

I’m most thrown by the (returning) Beasts vs Slashers occasion, the place three-strong groups of invisible superpowered beasts must leap by way of checkpoints earlier than they’re taken down by three-strong groups of Slashers armed with rocket launchers and thermal imaginative and prescient. It’s Christmassy, in some way.

All of the festive enjoyable stops on December twenty eighth, and extra particulars might be discovered on Rockstar’s event page.

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GTA 5, which incorporates entry to GTA Online, is on sale for £13/$22/€22 on each Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Alice B thought she’d bought the final phrase on RPS earlier than Christmas, however she did not realise I used to be nonetheless lurking at nighttime ‘American information hours’ nook of the treehouse. The final phrase on RPS is now Gooch. Sorry.

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