I Am Jesus Christ seems like a goofy first-person Jesus sim

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I see novelty games on Steam each couple of days; issues like gun-wielding slime shooters, or hyper-realistic dog-walking sims. They all drive slightly chuckle out of me, however none of them have made me stomach snigger like I Am Jesus Christ, a first-person retelling of Christ’s story from beginning, to loss of life, to rebirth.

I Am Jesus Christ’s style is barely murky, though, it virtually seems like an enormous Skyrim mod full with unfeeling NPCs, first-person spellcasting, and an open world stuffed with quest markers. The latest trailer exhibits a few of Christ’s cool talents like strolling on water, capturing gentle beams at Satan, and fishing – which is by the way what I’m wanting ahead to probably the most.

In equity, the Christ sim seems like a fairly strong and thorough retelling of his journey, depicting scenes just like the Last Supper, solely this time all of the disciples have exclamation marks above their heads. The Steam web page additionally particulars 30 totally different miracles (or spells) and quite a lot of totally different areas to discover.

Despite its recreation of New Testament scenes, the trailers don’t appear fully severe, and the Bethesda-esque jank offers the game a barely goofy really feel. Even if the humour is unintentional, I nonetheless could not include my laughter when an NPC awkwardly shouted, “Wow, this wine is even higher than the opposite wines.” Jesus is well-known for curing illness and one such quest can be showcased, however right here it’s offered as a dungeon by way of somebody’s physique with fleshy corridors galore. I’m pretty sure the Bible would not have Jesus shrink into our bodies, in any other case Innerspace can be a biblical movie.

No disrespect to I Am Jesus, although, I’m certain it’ll be a enjoyable time no matter how significantly it treats these tales. Of course, I do know the ache of loving a e book after which watching a crappy adaptation of it. If you are in search of a extra correct biblical expertise on Steam, the Bible was lately ported to PC with achievements included.

I Am Jesus Christ has a standalone Prologue obtainable at no cost on Steam. The full game is aiming for a Q2 2023 launch – no spoilers earlier than then, please.

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