If you preferred The Ascent, SlavicPunk: Oldtimer appears to be like like one to watch

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I believe the headline I wrote is true. But I believe it could even be true if it learn, “If you sort-of preferred however had been additionally vastly pissed off by The Ascent, comparable isometric cyberpunk shooter SlavicPunk: Oldtimer may provide a salve to your gripes.” Bit lengthy, although, as titles go. Watch the trailer under.

I just like the look of this. I just like the capturing, which appears lethal and gratifying; I like the power to sneak up on enemies; and I just like the mid-combat hacking to disrupt foes.

I’m much less offered on the setting, which appears to incorporate all the weather of aesthetic cyperpunk that I’m already uninterested in, like huge holographic bare ladies and jaded murderous protagonists. You play a non-public investigator with a “troubled previous”, making an attempt to unravel a case involving some stolen knowledge whereas “preventing his personal interior demons.” Eesh. Reading deeper into the Steam page does provide some hope, pitching the game as “uniquely, inherently Slavic” in such a means that will give it its personal flavour.

I’ve been enjoying The Ascent in co-op over the previous couple of months. Ed’s assessment bought it proper: it is gradual to start out, it is stuffed with jargon that is not value investigating, and there is fully an excessive amount of jogging and backtracking. Plus, it breaks on a regular basis. Despite all that, I had enjoyable with it in fleeting moments. By not being a protracted looter shooter, SlavicPunk seem like it’d ship these moments with extra immediacy.

We’ll apparently discover out when it releases someday in spring 2023.

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