Pokémon Crimson & Purple Tera-Raids: All present occasions at a look

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Tera Raid occasions allow you to catch particular Pokémon.

Instead of the Dynamax Raids as in Sword/Shield, the so-called Tera Raids await us in Crimson/Purple, through which particular Tera Crystal Pokémon are ready for us. Through occasions, we additionally get the possibility to get rarer Pokémon. In this overview, we clarify the raids in additional element and summarize which occasions are developing.

Last replace on December 15: In the midnight from Thursday to Friday, the subsequent Tera Raid occasion will begin. The particular factor is that now you have got one final probability for now to get a Glurak within the game.

All present Tera-Raids in crimson and purple

  • Glurak with titanium mark: December 16 at 01 am till December 19 at 0:59 am

Raid occasion for the titan Glurak

Via black crystals, there may also be two alternatives in December to safe a Glurak with the Tera-type Dragon. This is particularly thrilling since a Glurak like this doesn’t exist in Crimson/Purple. Read extra in regards to the Glurak occasion right here:

Get Glurak in the Raid now - it's your only chance so far

These are Tera Raid occasions in Crimson/Purple

Tera-Raid occasions operate like common Tera-Raids, besides that they focus on explicit Pokémon and their kinds and Only for a sure time frame can be found.

The raids are began by way of the glowing or black crystals within the game world (the black ones are much more particular). We can then face the Pokémon in co-op with different trainers or AI assist. If we defeat the teracrystallized Pokémon inside the time restrict, it returns to its regular kind and could be captured.

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You can learn extra about teracrystallization within the following article:

Pokémon CrimsonPurple: This is Teracrystallization and How It Works
Pokémon Crimson/Purple: This is teracrystallization and that is the way it works

In this case, which Tera sort the Pokémon has cannot solely be seen by the crystal form above the Pokémon while you face it, however will also be seen on the map by the colour and symbols inside the Raid image (star with six factors) acknowledge. If it’s a raid occasion, the icon lights up barely.

If we select a raid, we are able to resolve how we wish to combat and get the primary details about the Pokémon that’s ready for us.

After a profitable battle you’ll get an outline of your rewards.

Important prerequisite: In order for the Tera Raid occasion to be activated, you have to obtain the most recent PokéPortal information by way of the PokéPortal.

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