Rank 3: The Last of Us Part 1

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With The Last of Us Part 1, Naughty Dog mainly had just one query: how do you restore a basic in such a approach that it turns into clear to a subsequent era why the work was so necessary for its time? And they succeeded – as a result of the good core of The Last of Us was not touched for the PS5 remake. Narratively, the story of Ellie and Joel is similar because it was in 2013, and fortunately, the uniquely robust performances of Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker haven’t been modified. Because they’re simply as excellent as on the primary day!

Instead, the expertise has been modernized – and the way! The Last of Us Part 1 is without doubt one of the most technically spectacular games of the 12 months. Really every thing has been tailored, modernized and improved. Every element, each lighting temper, each atmosphere shines in a brand new guise. In addition, there are improved character fashions that convey even the smallest emotion and thus give the good actor efficiency much more influence. The excellent DLC Left Behind particularly advantages from the brand new expertise, despite the fact that it was sadly not embedded easily into the course of the game.

Even the gameplay mechanics have been tailored to trendy instances within the remake – the gunfights are crisper, the weapons extra large, the violence much more dramatic. Still, Naughty Dog does not fairly go the final mile, however solely implements at a very excessive degree. That’s why The Last of Us Part 1 is a wonderful game, however not fairly on the high of the Game of the Year podium.

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