Someone made a customized Katamari controller with roll-on deodorants and a soccer, and it guidelines

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When you consider object-gathering game Katamari Damacy the primary issues that spring to thoughts are often balls, and the rolling thereof. Computer scientist and customized controller kitbashing experimenter Dr Tom Tilley had the identical thought and, erm, rolled with it. In a case of life imitating artwork, Tilley repurposed a trackball he’d produced from roll-on deodorant and a soccer ball to play the game with (thanks, Time Extension). You can watch Tilley mucking about with the trackball to regulate an emulated model of the PS2-era Katamari Damacy within the video beneath.

Katamari Damacy managed utilizing balls. Welcome to 2023.

Although it was initially made for Japanese arcade game Armadillo Racing, Tilley shared the controller idea on Twitter and adopted up with a bit extra rationalization on how he bought the trackball working with Katamari Damacy too. “A FreePIE script maps the mouse motion to 2 digital vJoy thumbsticks for the in-game management,” Tilley tweeted.

The trackball doesn’t map to all of the game’s controls, similar to turning and dashing utilizing the analogue sticks, although. “There was additionally a 180 diploma fast flip and leaping for an aerial view,” Tilley defined in a reply to a commenter. “They could possibly be mapped to further buttons or actions similar to shaking the ball to cost.” Tilley’s trackball would not have been misplaced amongst our customized controller exhibition on the final EGX present.

Tilley’s trackball isn’t the one oddly helpful customized controller on the market. Just earlier than the vacations, I reported on Super Louis 64’s very genuine wanting and surprisingly usable Buster Sword controller for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Streamers have had some success with different oddities, similar to tooting on a recorder to regulate Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, dressing as an unconvincing goose to play Untitled Goose Game, and a real pomegranate used to beat Hades.

Katamari Damacy Reroll is on Steam for £16/$30/€20, however you’ll need to make your individual controller for that one.

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