Steam Replay affords a Wrapped-style recap of your 2022 in gaming

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Valve have launched Steam Replay, their very own equal to Spotify Wrapped. It affords you a single web page coated in graphs and diagrams which illustrate the way you spent your time on Steam in 2022. Me? 30% of my whole playtime was spent in Spelunky 2, and I performed 41 totally different games over the course of the 12 months. How about you?

You can verify your individual Steam Replay by heading here and signing in together with your Steam credentials. All the stats are then provided on a single web page, with choices to share particular person charts or the whole web page. It’s properly formatted and there is some fascinating information within the combine.

Of the 41 games I performed in 2022, for instance, 55% have been games launched this 12 months. That’s in comparison with a median of 17% for the broader Steam database. Just 4% of the games I performed have been greater than 8 years previous, in comparison with a 19% common for everybody else.

Vampire Survivors took up 17% of my whole playtime of Steam games for the 12 months, however 100% of that point was in January 2022. One of my favorite items of information let’s you view all of the games you performed on a timeline, letting me see that I performed Vampire Survivors, Cyberpunk 2077 and Jump King in January, and Cyberpunk 2077, Unpacking, Olli Olli World and Grapple Dog in February.

It’s a neat strategy to revisit and replicate in your 12 months in PC gaming. I play quite a bit lower than I used to (and most of what I play is on Switch), however I used to be nonetheless stunned I performed as a lot on Steam as I did. For a degree of comparability, Katharine tells me she performed 131 games on Steam this 12 months.

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How about youse? Share your Replays within the feedback. I’m curious.

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