TF2’s solid proceed their spree of sandwich chaos with an ABBA parody

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God bless the Team Fortress 2 voice actors, who proceed to complement the web with their nonsense. We’ve seen them lark about on a ferry. We’ve seen them confuse bakery staff, and amuse the man behind a counter at a convenience store. Now, we get to see them carry out an ABBA parody celebrating sandwiches. The Sniper performs banjo, and the Pyro’s contributions are soul warming. Enjoy.

The saga kicked off final September, when the solid from Valve’s 15 year-old shooter met up at PAX. You can see ’em chatting to Liam and Rachel above, look. Heavy and Demoman actor Gary Schwartz tells an anecdote about how he received some youngsters he was purported to be instructing to concentrate by swapping to the Heavy’s voice. It’s pleasant.

It’s much more pleasant to observe the solid mucking about, chaotically operating round a ferry whereas shouting for a sandvich and dealing in mid-vid costume modifications in the event that they play a number of roles.

I want they might rampage accross the globe collectively endlessly, sowing confusion of their wake whereas making the day/12 months/lifetime of any TF2 gamers who occur to bear witness.

The solid won’t bodily be in the identical place anymore, however naturally that simply means they’ve pivoted in direction of ABBA parodies.

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Someone’s made a Know Your Meme page chronicling all of this, together with some fan artwork and a recreation of the bakery clip in Source Film maker. It’s foolish and wonderful and I hope there’s extra to come back.

TF2 continues to be nice too, by the way. It’s free on Steam.

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