The 300 greatest PC games: For actual now (half 2)

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There’s quite a bit to speak about in our checklist of the 300 greatest PC games of all time. So a lot, in reality, that we have prolonged our podcast dialogue with Christian Schiffer straight right into a second half – together with a shocking twist:

At the time of recording, Christian is engaged on his personal checklist of the 100 greatest games that had been lacking from our checklist!

He presents it to Micha and Géraldine within the podcast, in fact, and there are all types of treasures on it which are really worthy additions to our checklist: The house technique traditional Master of Orion 2, for instance.

Or Anstoss 2, the soccer champion of hearts. Or the “immersive sim” progenitor Ultima Underworld, by which bottles rolled down uneven surfaces – in 1992! Or the loopy tv supervisor Mad TV. Or – how might that not be chosen? – Hotline Miami!

There are oddities, although. For instance, Kaiser, undoubtedly the “most German game of all time”, however whose game depth, considered with at this time’s eyes, ranks someplace between a pocket calculator and a bag of marbles.

Christian’s checklist of the 100 greatest games, that are lacking on our checklist, you’ll be able to learn in fact at Wasted.

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And, in fact, we proceed to rant about rankings on the Pointmmo checklist. Micha, for instance, has a quarrel with Gothic and Gothic 2 (too low!) in addition to Far Cry (too excessive!), whereas Géraldine questions our rating of the Elder Scrolls sequence: Oblivion behind Morrowind, at the very least that is insane! And we have not even talked about Skyrim but….

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Christian, in the meantime, is working via Prey – the 2006 shooter, not Arkane’s new Prey from 2016, which did not make our checklist in any respect. He’s additionally bothered by our lack of affection for SimCity 2000, whose fame has since been eclipsed by Cities: Skylines, which Christian admits is “the most effective game ever, we need not discuss that.”

And what about Vampire Survivors, the most effective game of 2022 in response to scientific findings, as you’ll be able to hear within the podcast with Micha:

What are you playing? - Micha could play Elden Ring, but is stuck on Vampire Survivors


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What are you taking part in? – Micha might play Elden Ring, however is caught on Vampire Survivors

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