The (for us) finest Star Trek games of all time

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Would you buy a used Entersprise from these two captains?
Would you purchase a used Entersprise from these two captains?

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The prime directive of the licensed game is: we wish to really feel love. Love for the unique, love for particulars, tales, characters. Of course, additionally and particularly in terms of Star Trek.

So on this podcast, Micha and Peter select the perfect Star Trek games of all time – utterly subjective, in fact, however on the similar time with a logic that might make any Vulcan flip envious. If Vulcans would really feel envy, in fact.

Five private favorites every of us dropped at the podcast, and in a single case our preferences really overlap, particularly the real-time technique game Star Trek: Armada. That wasn’t all that excellent in itself – nevertheless it was an impressive expertise for us. We nonetheless miss its biggest energy at this time – regardless of some mod tasks which have revived Armada.

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Other than that, nevertheless, our preferences are extra distinctly totally different than a Ferengi from The Next Generation is from Quark from Deep Space Nine. We’ll simply say “power whip versus acquisition rule”.

While Micha worships Bridge Commander, Star Trek Online, the Stellaris mod Star Trek: New Horizons, and the Picard journey A Final Unity like a Borg queen worships an Omega molecule, Peter chooses Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, Away Team, Birth of the Federation, and Deep Space Nine: The Fallen for his Trek Hall of Fame.

What strikes us to this illustrious choice, we’re glad to elucidate intimately. In many particulars, in truth, which brings us again to our love for the unique. Who would have thought that we’re each massive followers of Miles O’Brien?

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We additionally speak concerning the simulation veterans Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy, in addition to the outdated Star Trek adventures and their William Shatner escapades – which you’ll be able to examine (together with far more historic Enterprise information) in our report on the historical past of Star Trek games.

And lastly, Micha pulls a particular bonus candidate out of the captain’s hat – as a result of who may resist John DeLancie as Q?

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