The Great War: Western Front provides gamers a “likelihood to rewrite historical past”

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The devs behind Command & Conquer Remaster are releasing their The Great War: Western Front on March thirtieth, however for now they’re exhibiting off precisely how the WW1 RTS works in a brand new developer diary. The ‘Commanding The Western Front’ video has a number of leads devs from Petroglyph strolling us by means of features of the marketing campaign, from the macro choices of Field Commander Mode, to the tactical RTS skirmishes in Theatre Mode.

Katharine’s early impressions from final 12 months revealed how The Great War would stay genuine to the historic battles of World War 1. The game’s lead designer mentioned that “WW1 is understood for being a battle of attrition and a battle of inches,” and because of this, The Great War’s battles have a number of completely different outcomes together with Major Defeats, Minor Defeats, Stalemates, and plain previous Victory. WW1 was a bleak, determined battle for all concerned, and the video highlights how even a minor victory can nonetheless make an affect. James’s even earlier impressions additionally left him assured that The Great War would seize WW1’s battles of attrition.

Despite the game’s dedication to realism, the brand new video reveals off a number of the shocking methods you may play with historical past. Senior producer Ted Morris says that “you may play as both the Allied Nations or The Central Powers,” and this selection will give gamers “a very distinctive strategy to play by means of historical past or redefine it.” There are additionally loads of decisions to make that can have an effect on the trajectory of your marketing campaign and result in some, erm… non-canonical outcomes? Check out the total video for insights on the game’s tech timber, historic headlines occasions, and nationality bonuses.

The Great War: Western Front will launch March thirtieth on PC through Steam and The Epic Games Store for £30/€35/$35. There’s additionally a Victory Edition obtainable for £35/€40/$40 and gamers who pre-order can enter the trenches three days early on March twenty seventh.

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