The RPS Selection Box: Rachel’s bonus games of the 12 months 2022

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It’s my first RPS Christmas Advent Calendar, whoooo! I really feel so honored – and I’m fairly pleased with how the GOTY 2022 Calendar turned out, as most of my high selections made it into the roster. However, nice games are positive to fall by the wayside in any 12 months – which is why we’ve our Selection Boxes of honorable mentions this 12 months, proper? For my picks I’ve swept up three fairly totally different games, however I feel they arrive collectively to present a really Rachel vibe.

Beacon Pines

When Beacon Pines first launched, I used to be juggling a couple of different games on the time and had deliberate to put it aside for some cosy Christmas vacation gaming. But after studying and enhancing Graham’s evaluate, I made a decision to start out enjoying it that very same day and positive sufficient, it’s turn into one in every of my favorite thriller games of the 12 months. And there have been lots of thriller games this 12 months.

Beacon Pines tells the basic story of a gaggle of younger mates unintentionally discovering some conspiratorial shenanigans of their small, quiet city. Pretty normal thriller on paper, however what makes Beacon Pines totally different is its cosy horror vibe. Yes, you are enjoying as a cute animal character, however lower than an hour into the story that very same cute animal character hides in a rubbish unit and discovers that their bin-buddy is a bagged-up, leaking corpse. There are a number of horror surprises in Beacon Pines, however they don’t seem to be tremendous darkish. It’s extra just like the enjoyable, comfortable sort of hazard present in Miss Marple. Imagine if Agatha Christie performed Animal Crossing after which wrote a thriller guide starring all her villagers – that is Beacon Pines.

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I’m additionally an enormous fan of the game’s construction, which entails leaping between totally different timelines, however really in a really cool manner. The twist right here is that you just’re not solely enjoying as fundamental protagonist Luca but in addition the reader of the guide ‘Beacon Pines’. Reading totally different chapters of the guide allows you to soar between totally different plot paths, so you possibly can strive totally different story selections to determine the game’s complete thriller. There’s no FOMO of lacking out on branching story paths or important items of thriller snippets right here.

This construction means there is not any purpose to replay it, however I really love that. The feeling of enjoying a game solely as soon as however figuring out that you’ve got seen and achieved every little thing is oh-so scrumptious. Beacon Pines’ tight 5-hour thriller is like placing all of your Christmas leftovers in a single large sandwich – it is small however dense, stuffed with surprises, and can comfortably fulfill your urge for food.

I Was A Teenage Exocolonist

A conversation in I Was A Teenage Exocolonist wherein the player must decide how to interact with a wounded manticore

Sci-fi tales at all times make it seem to be shifting the whole thing of humanity to a different planet can be simple breezy. But I Was A Teenage Exocolonist is right here to inform us that it most actually wouldn’t be, like, in any respect. It’s a life-sim RPG a couple of area colony attempting to start out a brand new life on an alien planet on the opposite aspect of a wormhole. The story spans a decade of the colony’s time on the planet and the struggles they face as they struggle in opposition to the planet’s ecosystem. It’s huge, engrossing, queer af, and a unbelievable RPG that I will likely be without end kicking myself over as a result of I didn’t evaluate it when it launched.

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Where Beacon Pines appears like a brief, densely packed game, I Was A Teenage Exocolonist appears like a sprawling community of interconnected timelines and world-changing occasions. There are simply so many selections to make: who you make mates with out of the ten totally different characters, which of the 25 totally different colony jobs you decide, which of the 15 expertise you concentrate on, who you become involved with romantically (if anybody in any respect) – and it goes on and on. Do you intervene in a monster encounter? Are you quiet or abrasive? A relaxed thinker or a hot-headed go-getter? It’s sort of mind-boggling.

Loads can occur through the game’s ten-year timeline – devastating alien assaults, family and friends members dying, exocolonist anarchy, the entire works. It was solely after a few playthroughs that Teenage Exocolonist actually began to sink in for me. One regrettable selection I made in my first run I obtained to amend in my 4th playthrough, a full circle second and a redemption arc 40 years within the making.

Its sci-fi narrative is grand, however Teenage Exocolonist shines in its smaller, tender moments too. It’s simply as a lot a narrative about teenagers rising up as it’s concerning the survival of humanity, which is one in every of – if not my absolute – favorite issues about it.


I’ve by no means felt so misplaced enjoying a game as I did with Signalis. I felt actually misplaced, wandering its maze of darkish, metallic corridors and enclosed passages uncertain what I must be doing. I felt figuratively misplaced, its cosmic story and surreal montages too disorienting to know. Even after ending the game and considering again, I’m not precisely positive what occurred, like among the game’s finer story threads slipped by my fingers. But, my God, did I’ve a visit enjoying this game.

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You play as an android named Elster who wakes up on an empty shuttle deserted on an remoted, snowy planet. From there she leaves the craft and begins to discover the decrepit underground amenities crammed with unknown horrors. Two mysteries start to disclose themselves: what occurred to the occupants of this doomed underground base?; and, who’s the lady that Elster is so fiercely decided to search out?

I’m planning on replaying Signalis. I really feel nearly compelled to. I would like a second playthrough to pour over each line of dialogue, pay attention to each cryptic radio sign, look at each retro tech object and visible clue. But even by its fever dream qualities, Signalis has sufficient tangible waypoints so that you can assemble its melancholy story.

Ahh there’s a lot extra I wanna speak about – however as an alternative right here’s a quick-fire checklist of what I favored:

  • Dreams, recollections, and actuality – ooOOoo which is which??
  • Sapphic romance, hell yeah.
  • Brutalist structure that’s so claustrophobic it made me wheeze.
  • Cosmic dreeeeaaaad.
  • Cyborg identity-questioning stuff.
  • PS1-style visuals, however like really achieved in a cool manner and never simply with a VHS overlay.
  • Evil, creepy surveillance state.
  • The heavy, clunky noises you make as you stroll round.
  • Fun puzzles, just like the one which makes you take heed to the whispers within the radio alerts.

I may go on truthfully, however that is greater than sufficient.

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