The Witcher 3 Netflix DLC: How to get the Netflix armor and weapons in The Witcher 3

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Want to know easy methods to get the Netflix armor and weapons in The Witcher 3? The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt subsequent gen makes all the pieces look lots prettier, but it surely’s not simply cool Ray-Traced puddles which are making individuals swoon. You may get new Netflix armor and weapons impressed by Henry Cavill’s run as Geralt within the TV collection. If you need to know easy methods to entry The Witcher 3’s Netflix DLC, then you definately’re in the appropriate place.

In this information, we’ll break down easy methods to play the Netflix DLC in The Witcher 3, explaining easy methods to discover, begin, and full the brand new quest. Then, we’ll break down the place to get the Netflix armor and weapons, so that you could package Geralt out with Cavill’s gear.

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The Witcher 3 Netflix quest: In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow

To get The Witcher 3 Netflix armor, you need to full a quest known as In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow. We’d advocate reaching not less than stage 15 earlier than taking up this journey.

To begin In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow, you need to head to the early-game area of Velen. There, make your strategy to the Devil’s Pit, positioned southeast of the Hanged Man’s Tree marker. The Devil’s Pit is a big quarry, making it pretty simple to identify on the map.

As you strategy, you’ll discover an Eternal Fire Priest standing by a cart. He’ll ask you to enterprise into the Devil’s Pit, the place a plague has killed the employees. Agree to assist and comply with the trail down into the mine.

Witcher 3 next gen screenshot showing the eternal fire priest.

As you enter the mine, hug the appropriate wall and climb the close by rock face to search out Reinald’s Note on a desk. After grabbing the observe, proceed by the mine to search out one other letter from Reinald pinned to a wood gate. Read it to set off a cutscene, after which comply with the lit torches ahead.

When you come to a fork within the highway, the spirit guiding your path will instruct you to go proper. Instead, take the left route and proceed by regardless of their protests. You’ll see some contaminated people smashing their head right into a wall, but it surely’s high-quality! Keep going! Everything right here is regular!

Walk throughout the wood ramp and head down into the chamber beneath. The path will cut up once more right here, however take the left route to search out an individual hunched over on the ground. Interact with them to enter one other cutscene, during which they’ll change into lined in maggots earlier than disappearing. These are all regular issues!

Continue alongside the trail till you ultimately attain a shoddy lab, inside which you’ll discover a Forgotten Priest’s Testament. Grab the observe and proceed by the lab, hopping throughout the hole and following the winding path alongside till you notice a big damaged doorway. Investigate the ruined entryway to search out one other letter from Reinald, after which flip again to the trail and comply with it up. Eventually, you’ll drop right into a pit and set off one other cutscene.

Witcher 3 screenshot showing Geralt fighting some Plague Victims.

Time to combat! Plague Victims will begin to swing at Geralt, they usually’re fairly robust. Make certain to dam and parry lots to keep away from taking an excessive amount of injury, and slowly whittle them down till the room is evident. When the combat is finished, climb the close by wall and tumble over to discover a small shelter on the opposite aspect. Use Aard once more right here to smash the wood door and discover one other letter from Reinald. This will set off one more cutscene, after which you need to use the Alchemy display screen to make Reinald’s Philter. While that is solely an non-compulsory goal, we’d recommend doing finishing it if you would like a lift for the approaching combat.

After making the potion, maintain wandering additional into the mine till you attain Reinald’s fifth letter. After studying the observe, a door will open to disclose Reinald himself caught in some stalactites. Free him to enter one other cutscene, in which you’ll chat with Reinald.

During this scene, be sure you don’t give Reinald the potion. Refuse handy it over and Geralt will drink it as an alternative, providing you with a lift within the Red Miasmal combat that begins shortly after.

Witcher 3 screenshot showing the "Boy's Innocent" dialogue option.

Defeat the Miasmal and chat with Reinald, after which provide to get the priest. You’ll have just a few selections to make within the dialogue that follows, however choose these choices for a superb ending:

  • ”Boy’s harmless.”
  • ”Don’t want a church to do good, priest.”

After finishing In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow, a brand new quest will set off that may lead you to the Netflix armor.

How to get The Witcher 3 Netflix armor

Witcher 3 screenshot showing Geralt wearing the new Netflix armor.

You’ll want to finish In The Eternal Fire’s Shadow to unlock the Scavenger Hunt: Forgotten Wolf School Gear quest. This will lead you to the Netflix armor set, modelled after Henry Cavill’s gear.

To full the Scavenger Hunt, enterprise to Kaer Morhen to search out Osmund’s notes. You’ll discover them contained in the citadel, on a balcony overlooking the principle corridor. Simply comply with the search marker into the corridor, after which climb the close by ladders to achieve the observe, which is tucked away on a bookshelf alongside one other observe from Vesemir.

Read the 2 notes to unlock the crafting diagrams for the Forgotten Wolven Netflix armor set, together with new metal and silver swords impressed by the present. You can discover the crafting substances wanted for every merchandise beneath:

Forgotten Wolven Armor

  • Shirt x1
  • Cured Draconid Leather x2
  • Dimeritium Plates x2
  • Linen x3
  • Monster Hide x1

Forgotten Wolven Gauntlets

  • Hardened Leather x1
  • Dark Steel Ingot x1
  • Leather Straps x1
  • Monster Claws x4
  • Nails x2

Forgotten Wolven Trousers

  • Silk x2
  • Meteorite Ore x1
  • Hardened Timber x2
  • Monster Heart x1
  • Leather Scraps x4

Forgotten Wolven Boots

  • Hardened Leather x2
  • Meteorite Ore x1
  • Thread x3
  • Leather Scraps x3
  • Monster Bone x1

Forgotten Wolven Steel Sword

  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Steel Ingots x2
  • Dark Steel Ingots x2
  • Monster Bone x1

Forgotten Wolven Silver Sword

  • Leather Scraps x2
  • Silver Ingots x3
  • Flawless Ruby x1
  • Powdered Monster Tissue x1

That’s all the pieces it’s essential to know to get the Netflix armor and weapons in The Witcher 3. If you’re in search of different gear to finish some collections, ensure to take a look at our guides on the very best armor and finest swords in The Witcher 3. If you’re looking for the strongest expertise, check out our listing of the very best builds in The Witcher 3.

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