Townseek has lovable airships, enjoyable buying and selling, and a demo to play proper now

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Some of my favorite games contain visiting a fantastical city, befriending the residents, discovering their tales, and buying and selling with them. Too typically those self same games even have too-difficult turn-based murderfests in-between, although. Here comes Townseek to repair that. It’s an lovable and “enjoyable” exploration-trading game wherein you pilot an airship, customise your balloon, and go to eg. some type of bee kingdom, as per the screenshot above.

There’s an announcement trailer under:

You’ll be flying your ship all over the world of Explora with the intention to uncover “the misplaced legacy of Sir Reginald Sharkingston,” says the press launch about Townseek signing with writer Super Rare. While travelling, you may uncover new cities, commerce with the native sharkfolk, cats and slimes, after which go fishing or farm fruits.

Each city you discover will supply quests to finish which is able to enhance your popularity with the locals and unlock new upgrades and cosmetics. That’s presumably how one can swap out your dirigible balloon for a shark, or a bunny, or no matter else.

I’m the type of one that preferred Flotilla, or FTL, or Nowhere Prophet, or Highfleet, for the locations you may go to and the (generally unfulfilled) promise of unusual, scrumptious story occasions awaiting inside. If Townseek has even a little bit of that surrounded by some enjoyable farming and fishing and buying and selling, reasonably than wasteland dying, then I’m totally able to board its lovable airships.

Will or not it’s as narratively wealthy (and foolish) as I would like it to be? I suppose I might go discover out: there is a demo for download right now on Steam.

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