Wielding a Buster Sword controller for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a exercise

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JRPGs will be grindy affairs at the very best of instances, however think about enjoying by one whereas truly swinging about Cloud Strife’s cumbersome large blade. Custom controller maker Super Louis 64’s executed simply that, crafting a Buster Sword that lets him play by Final Fantasy 7 Remake in true Cloud type. When he shared a clip of his antics on Twitter, Super Louis insisted the entire game is playable utilizing the massive knife. The honorary Soldier says he’s hoping to have a full video of his time spent pretending to be Cloud up on his YouTube channel in the present day.

Vid bud Liam has a useful information for the place to begin with the more and more convoluted Final Fantasy 7 story.

The customized Buster Sword works by movement controls, and even allows you to guard with the identical pose as Cloud. It looks as if wielding the controller for 2 and half hours actually knackered Super Louis out although, and I don’t assume I’d fare wherever close to as nicely. This isn’t the primary time he’s made a customized sword controller, having crafted a katana to play Ghost Of Tsushima and for the samurai class in Final Fantasy 14. He’s additionally performed Elden Ring with Nintendo’s Ring Fit, a Guitar Hero controller, and, erm, a banana.

Howlongtobeat reckon Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes 33 hours to complete, and that’s simply the primary story. With facet shenanigans, that goes as much as 41.5 hours, and a whole run is 86.5 hours. So in case you’re planning on following Super Louis’ instance with your individual Buster Sword then you definitely’ll wish to be squeezing in a couple of arm workouts, and perhaps a little bit of core power too. Still, this isn’t the weirdest controller we’ve ever reported on, an honour that most likely goes to both this goose costume or the pomegranate somebody used to beat Hades.

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