Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty launch date, pre-order, gameplay, and extra

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What is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? If you have regarded forward in any respect on the upcoming PC games releasing this yr, you’ll have heard about Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – an upcoming soulslike action-RPG by Team Ninja, creators of Nioh and the Ninja Gaiden and Dead Or Alive collection. We’ve saved a detailed eye on Wo Long since its announcement again in June 2022, and its big boss battles and Three Kingdoms-era fantasy China setting have gotten lots of people interested by whether or not this explicit RPG would possibly set itself from the pack and grow to be one of many shock hits of 2023.

If you wish to be caught up on all the newest Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty information and knowledge, you then’re in the appropriate place. Below we’ll stroll you thru the Wo Long launch date, platforms, and pre-order particulars, earlier than delving additional into the game itself with particulars on the game’s story, setting, and gameplay.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty launch date

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will launch on March third, 2023, the place it’s going to arrive concurrently on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. That makes it one of many ever-increasingly unique group of games that has managed to stay to its unique launch window, with out requiring any delays.

Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Game Pass?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will launch day one on Xbox Game Pass. So anybody who owns a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass service will have the ability to play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty the second it releases, with out having to spend any cash particularly on shopping for the game.

Wo Long pre-order and editions

Two armour types from Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Left: Zhuque armor. Right: Baihu armor.
Left: Zhuque armor. Right: Baihu armor.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is accessible for pre-order proper now. There are two editions to select from:

  • Standard Edition: £55 / $60 / €70 (Base Game)
  • Deluxe Edition: £75 / $85 / €95 (Base Game + Mini Soundtrack, Art Book, Season Pass)

Pre-ordering both of those editions of Wo Long will earn you the beauty Zhuque Armor in-game. You may also earn the Baihu Armor both by pre-ordering or by buying both version by March sixteenth 2023.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty trailer

Above is the newest Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty trailer, which includes 10 minutes of unique new gameplay as a part of IGN First’s unique have a look at the game. We see the participant going through off towards quite a few massive crimson exploding hedgehogs and a giant rock-throwing lizard boss.

Another trailer is proven under, showcasing gameplay suggestions from the builders. For extra trailers, take a look at the Team Ninja YouTube channel.

Wo Long gameplay particulars

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a soulslike action-RPG set in Three Kingdoms China. Players aware of soulslike games – Sekiro specifically, in addition to Ninja Theory’s personal Nioh collection – may have a good concept of what the core gameplay loop will entail. Combat relies on Chinese martial arts, and in the beginning of the game gamers can select one among 5 “phases” or fight kinds to concentrate on. Much like Sekiro, there’s a Parry/Deflect system, and each you and your enemies have a Spirit meter (Wo Long’s equal to Sekiro’s posture bars) which you’ll be able to deplete independently of well being as a way to activate one-hit-kill Fatal Strike assaults.

The participant and their enemies even have a Morale Rank, which acts as an indicator of how difficult a struggle shall be. You can enhance your Morale Rank quicker by defeating enemies with the next Morale Rank than you. But utilizing a Fatal Strike on an enemy, both via Stealth or via prioritising Spirit over Health, will decrease that enemy’s Morale Rank – that means you earn much less Morale via defeating them. As the game web site says, “Do you select to grow to be stronger by overcoming adversity, or by rigorously attacking enemies? Players can select their very own path and magnificence of battling.”

Wo Long’s gameplay deviates farther from Sekiro and different soulslikes with the addition of Qi. This is much like the Ki system in Nioh which acts as your stamina bar, however in Wo Long, you should be aggressive as a way to generate Qi. As you assault extra, you may earn Qi, and as you defend, you may deplete Qi. Qi is required to activate a few of your extra highly effective assaults and spells, so the system closely encourages you to be aggressive and unrelenting along with your fights.

The participant in Wo Long could make use of each melee and ranged weapons, in addition to magical assaults and spells that make use of Qi. One kind of spell you may forged is the summoning of varied Divine Beasts, highly effective spirit creatures that may assist you in battle for a short while. Zhuque the Phoenix, Baihu the Tiger, and Xuanhu the Turtle are all Divine Beasts that may be referred to as upon, in accordance with the game’s website.

Wo Long story and setting

The player strikes a zombie enemy with dual-swords in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Wo Long is about in a darkish fantasy world based mostly on the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese historical past – a bloody interval of warring between the states of Wei, Han, and Wu. The precise Three Kingdoms period lasted from 220-280 AD, however Wo Long is about a short time earlier than this, in 184 AD.

The participant will encounter varied legendary warriors and figures from the Three Kingdoms period, together with Lu Bu, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, and Zhao Yun. But Wo Long’s story shouldn’t be completely rooted in historical past, and the primary enemies you may face all through the game are non secular or demonic in nature. Demons have invaded the Three Kingdoms and thrown the land into utter chaos, and it’s the purpose of the participant and the unnamed protagonist to discover a solution to restore order.

It’s price mentioning too the origin of the game’s title, in accordance with the Steam page:

Wo Long refers to a crouching dragon, and likewise refers to a hero or particular person of greatness who shouldn’t be but recognized. This is the story of officers, who will later grow to be heroes, throughout their ‘unknown’ interval, and likewise the story of a protagonist’s rise from being a ‘no person’.

Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty multiplayer?

Producer Fumihiko Yasuda confirmed in an interview with IGN that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will embody a multiplayer element within the type of co-op, much like Team Ninja’s different game, Nioh.

From gameplay captured by Video Game Loop, it seems to be just like the participant can name upon both NPCs or real-life gamers to affix them in taking down a specific enemy or finishing a specific space. They can do that by interacting with a Battle Flag (Wo Long’s model of Bonfires from Souls games) and expending a foreign money referred to as Tiger Seals to summon their chosen allies.

That’s nearly every thing that we all know concerning the upcoming Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, however you should definitely verify again as the discharge date attracts ever nearer for all the newest info on Team Ninja’s new darkish fantasy Soulslike!

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